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Our ecommerce website designing package provides a complete ecommerce website for small businesses. Therefore you can invest time in ecommerce website promotion activities right after launch. We hire professional website designers for this to ensure cost effective website development.

Domain (On demand)
eCommerce Hosting (Included)
Mobile & Tablet Compatible
Business Specific Design
Product Catalog
Unlimited Categories

We add products for you

Standard Pages
Policy Pages
Content Editing
eCommerce Features
Discount Coupon Engine
Guest Checkout
Email Notifications
Payment Gateway
Product Review & Ratings
Google Listing
Social Media Connect
Technical Support
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The Internet is an ocean of opportunities. Due to this, most businesses are coming online. If you want to sell anything ecommerce is the method to reach customers and increase sales numbers. Above all, if you get an affordable ecommerce website package or a budget ecommerce website development plan it helps you kick start the journey. If you are looking for the best ecommerce website designing package, you must check the details. As the final outcome you will get an amazing combination of ecommerce price & value.

eCommerce Website Price that offers value

If you want to start an ecommerce website, our cost-effective ecommerce website development packages for small businesses offer great value. Developing an ecommerce website through a regular developer is not easy therefore, we have some samples ready. This is because our ecommerce website designers are committed to customer satisfaction.


Custom ecommerce website designing is also available with great website design and functionality. We can promote ecommerce websites on the internet with our best ecommerce promotion packages. Due to all this, you not only get a good looking website but also get website traffic.

How is our ecommerce website designing packages different from others?

First of all, we use the latest technology to develop websites. As a result, the ecommerce website development platform offers good speed and features. The most important part is the process. We are not a company promoting – “Make your Website in Minutes”. We are not selling you a hosting plan in the name of an ecommerce website where you develop everything on your own. As a result, you get a fully functional website that obviously has an ecommerce hosting plan to ensure performance.

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eCommerce Website Designing Package Features

First of all the core objective of making an ecommerce website is to sell products online . Due to this, we make sure that your online journey is as smooth as possible. This ecommerce website development package has enough features to take care of most requirements. Starting from a mobile friendly design to payment gateway integration, you get a lot of options. Here is a list of some noteworthy features.

Domain & Server

For any company, it is important that your domain name resembles your brand and website is good. Therefore, we make sure important things for a website are covered in our corporate web design package. Starting from the basics, these are three most important things that come as standard. Domain registration, Web hosting and business email. You do not pay anything extra for any of these.

Domain Registration
In most cases, people book a domain before finalizing an ecommerce website designing package or a software development company. We can use the same to make a website. For an existing business, this ecommerce plan is the best option. We do not bill extra money for the domain registration if you make an ecommerce website with us. We suggest names and extensions match your brand. If you are just starting a business and need a budget website plan, you can look at our start up website design package. Same as shopping website development we also have free domains available for corporate website development plans and basic website design plans.
eCommerce Hosting(Server)
We provide hosting space with all our website design proposals and this one is no different. Ecommerce hosting demands little extra resources than a basic website. Therefore, we host ecommerce websites on high capacity servers to ensure performance. The web space is sufficient for hosting the ecommerce website and we can increase it depending on the future requirements.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from a corporate ID. For example: This not only looks professional but also makes more sense to the business.

mobile friendly website

eCommerce Website User Interface

An easy to use website design attracts more visitors. Therefore, we design a user-friendly interface for the website. This also uses responsive design based themes. Due to this it works perfectly on all different screen sizes. This includes mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops of different sizes. As a result the client experience is better and convenience increases.

Mobile & Tablet Compatible
The world is shifting on mobile. Due to this ecommerce packages must be compatible with different screen sizes. This application comes with a responsive website design. Therefore you do not need a mobile app for an ecommerce website.
Business Specific Design
This ecommerce website development package delivers a business specific website. We also analyze the competition to get the basics right. For example: if you are in a groceries business, we make a website with similar images and text content. The idea is to build a website that is appealing to your customers.
Product Catalog
There is no limit on how many products you sell. You can sell unlimited products using this ecommerce website designing package. The idea is to make sure you do not face any challenges due to store expansion. We have tested the solution with up to 500 products. But this does not limit you from adding more products. You may just have to upgrade the hosting plan.
Unlimited Categories
Same as products, there is no limit on how many product categories you can add. You can use as many categories as you want in this ecommerce web design plan. The idea is to make sure you do not face any challenges due to store expansion.

Business friendly features of ecommerce website

We have designed this product to ease up your life. For example, the Sales Dashboard has enough information about orders. There are many other features of ecommerce websites that help you grow by saving time.

We add products for you
First of all, we help you in creating the initial catalog. We can add up to 20-100 products depending on the plan you buy. We also help you learn about managing the store further with the help of video tutorials. You can also opt for a fully managed plan in case you want our team to upload all the products. This way you can stay focused on marketing and other business activities.
Discount coupon engine
Discount system is an important part of an ecommerce website designing package. You can create offers using the discount coupon engine. Festive discounts or promotional offers help you generate more sales online.
Guest Checkout
If you are selling products that do not require a physical address (for example: software downloads) guest checkout works for you. With guest checkout customers place orders without creating an account on your website.

Website Content & Policies

Content Editing
Content is the most important part of any website. It is true that most people do not like to read a lot but it is good to keep all the information. We help you with company related content and some product content editing. You can also make use of our standard template. You can also use our tutorials like how to write product content.
Standard Pages
Standard pages include company profile, contact us, bulk order inquiry form etc. All these pages play an important role in helping customers understand the company and generate online leads for the company.
Policy Pages
Policy pages of an ecommerce website help the company write instructions. Terms and conditions, shipping policy, return and refunds and privacy policy are also important. We help you write these policy pages for the ecommerce website.

Cart, Payments & Notifications

The long list of features of the ecommerce website also includes cart management and payment gateway. Customers get multiple payment options and other related features.

Shopping Cart
Shopping cart or shopping basket allows customers to add, remove or hold products till checkout. In regular billing, you pick a product, keep it in the basket and go to the billing counter. It is the same here as well, you scan the store, pick a product and hold it in the basket and pay the invoice to complete the purchase.

start ecommerce store

Payment gateway
This ecommerce package comes with a free payment gateway. Due to this customers can make payments via debit / credit cards or internet banking. You can select from the list of recommended payment gateways.
Email Notifications
Communication is very important. Due to this your ecommerce website uses SMTP settings to send notifications. The website will send automatic email notifications about orders.

eCommerce website designing package with Total Control

These ecommerce website benefits help you make strategic decisions faster and save time.

eCommerce Dashboard
With this ecommerce website development package you also get an admin dashboard. The Ecommerce admin panel shows all relevant information about sales and new orders. Therefore, you see a lot of information on the dashboard.
Inventory Management
Products and inventory management features allow adding and managing product inventory and update items when the stock is low.
SEO Benefits
You can easily create SEO friendly URLs for products. As a result your website becomes search engine friendly. It is very easy to change the product name and add SEO related tags. The idea is to ensure your websites appear good in Search results even when you are running paid campaigns.

ecommerce services

Additional benefits with eCommerce website development services

We offer benefits that most companies either avoid or charge extra money for the services. With software ocean you enjoy hassle free e-commerce services.

Product Review & Ratings
Product reviews play an important part in building the brand. You can activate these reviews to make sure customers can post their feedback after using the products and services.
Social Media Connect
Everyone is on social media today. A YouTube channel, Instagram or a Facebook page helps you reach more people and connect with them. Due to this, we recommend that you create a social media profile on different platforms and share the links with us. We will connect these with your website to make sure people can directly reach your social media handles from the website.
Google Listing
We list your website on Google to make sure the search engine along with sitemaps. The objective is to inform the search engine that your e-commerce website exists on the internet. In addition you also get benefits when you want to promote the ecommerce website.

Delivery & After Sales

We have been in the software industry since 2011 and delivered some amazing solutions. Due to our timely delivery and after sales support only we get repeated orders and references.

Technical Support
After sales service is very important. It is good to have experts available for the rescue. Our technical support services cover a lot of stuff that you may need. For example: we keep the website up to date in order to ensure web security, faster web accessibility and improve performance.
Fast Delivery
The ecommerce website development is fast and we make sure it completes on time. The delivery time varies depending on the website development plan you buy. We try to make sure every project is on time. However, client participation in providing information on time is mandatory to fulfill this commitment. If the information is on time, website delivery is faster than expected.

Frequently Asked Questions about eCommerce website designing package

Here is the list of common questions that may come to your mind while purchasing the ecommerce website development plan.

Basic Questions

Who will make the website after placing the order?
Our team will make a website for you. We are not a company selling hosting plans under Make a Website in minutes campaign. However, we ask you for basic information like the nature of business, products and services. In addition we also ask you about product / services related images to make sure we are using original content.
Is this a static website or a dynamic website?
The only major difference between a static website and dynamic website is the ability to receive updates. So in a clear sense it is a dynamic website. This is also connected with a database to make sure changes are easy.
What kind of changes a website needs after delivery?
Generally, a good website does not require many updates. Your business name does not change, company profile or contact numbers are also the same in most cases. Other than some regular technical (software) updates, there is very limited change. This website design proposal covers most common changes in the website after sale. In very limited cases customers connect with us for change in the website, we are happy to assist.

eCommerce Web Design and Development

What is the key difference in ecommerce plans?
The only difference is the number of products. Apart from this, you get all the features mentioned as standard inclusion. From business specific design to SSL certificate, everything is included in all the plans. When the products increase, your website will consume more resources. Therefore you also see a difference in price.
What does business specific website design mean?
The idea of business specific website design ensures that we develop a website that resembles your business. For example: if the client is in the construction business, we use similar images for making a website for a construction company.
What services are included in renewal and how much do I need to pay?
All services purchased at the time of purchase are renewed every year. All the plans are subscription based. Due to this, the cost of website renewal is the same as purchase price. The price may change depending on the current market conditions. Generally, the prices do not change drastically.

Security, Technical Support & After Sales Service

What is included in Technical support?
Technical support includes different types of changes you request during the service period. We also review the website from time to time to make sure everything is running smoothly. In addition, we keep a backup of the website in case of an unfortunate event like a website crash due to any hacking attack.
Can my website be hacked?
Yes, any website can be hacked. Therefore, we take all precautionary measures from installing anti-virus software to high security servers to make sure it is not hacked. We provide SSL certificates as part of the package and update the software applications whenever the security patch is released. In the worst case scenario we keep back to make sure services can be restored as soon as possible. As a result you are covered and secured.

Ownership, Renewal & Transfer of Service

Can I use my existing domain for the website?
Sure, you can use your existing domain for the website. All you need to do is update name servers or Add A record in the domain panel to point that to the website. Just make sure that the domain is active and you renew it on time.
Who owns the domain & hosting name?
The client owns the domain name & hosting both. We do not add our credentials in the domain name registration process as a standard practice. If the client already has a domain name, we only request access to change name servers to link it with the website.
Why is there a discount on annual renewal?
Web design is normally a one time activity which does not need many alterations. Due to which it only demands regular updates until you decide to change the design. We transfer this benefit directly to clients in the form of discounts at the time of renewal.


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