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If you are looking for a small business client management software then look no further. Your search might end with this tool for managing business. This web based CMS application helps you manage clients globally. If you are looking for the best online software to manage customers, billing software, customer support software, online helpdesk software or product management software this single application does everything.

Responsive Design (Works on all devices)
Online client database management
Login ID for all customers
Informative dashboard
Product / Service management
Create Invoice with Online billing software
Online customer support system
Manage multiple branches
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Small business client management software is an essential product. Due to this, every business owner should use it. This also works as a tool for managing business. It also saves a lot of time involved in creating invoices manually and making sales reports. Therefore, if you are running a business you should look at the client management aspect. Our online client management software addresses a lot of issues. This works as invoicing software, customer management software, ticket software and product management software.



Features of Client Management Software

Online client management software or CMS helps you manage customers. Additionally , this is also a cloud based customer management system for extra convenience. The software will help you in managing customers online and save a lot of time. This one application is enough for creating invoices and providing customer support. This customer CRM also comes with a pre pre-integrated invoice management system.

Due to this the software works as an easy to use online invoice generation software. The application has features of a customer support software or a help desk software. This works as an online support ticket software for customers across the globe. Additionally, you can also simply use this as an online billing software.

Product Management
This software for billing allows easy product management and price management. Due to this anyone can use this without any requirement for learning. The software also comes with an easy to use interface for adding products. As a result you can add / remove products and update pricing in a few clicks.
Invoice software
Our CMS also works as invoicing software. An invoice software makes online invoice creation fast because of the easy to use interface. There is no cap when you create invoices online. Due to this you can create unlimited bills without paying extra money.
Manage Global Customers
Small business client management software should be able to manage customers from anywhere. Therefore, we designed web based cms. Due to this you can provide services to global customers. Moreover you also get complete flexibility to operate from any global location.
Payment Reminder System
Every business runs on money and payment delay in business is normal. Due to this you should keep sending payment reminders to clients. The idea is to make sure that your clients are always aware of the due dates. Therefore, you can use the payment reminder system. You can send email notifications for pending invoices using SMTP mail code. There is a dedicated panel to manage it.

Customer Support

Providing support to customers is important for sustaining a business. A happy customer has the key to bring more business. As a result we not only manage the customer database, but also provide customer support using this software.

Customer Login
Every customer gets a login ID and password and checks their profile information, print invoices and a lot more.
Online ticketing system
When you make global customers, you also need software to answer their queries. Online ticketing system allows customers to raise an issue and get solutions. You can do business from remote locations or different time zones. Cloud based software applications work round the clock. The idea is to reach out to customers whenever they need help.

Benefits of using client management software

There are many benefits of using customer management software or CMS. Due to this our customer management software will help you manage customers with ease.

Customer database management
Our small business client management software helps you in customer database management. Due you have all customer information at one single place. It is easy to find a customer or generate an invoice.

customer support

More about CMS

Other than the standard features, the client management system has many more benefits. First of all it solves the main purpose of managing clients across the globe. Then there are many value added features to make your experience even better.

Email notifications
Notifications or reminder emails are key for timely payments. It is easy to send pending invoice notifications using this software. You only need to change the SMTP credentials. Additionally, you can also do personal branding because it comes with while label solution.
Multiple Admins
Software administrators control almost everything in an application. Due to this with growing business workload also increases. With growth you will have less time because of other important things. At this stage, you can use the multi admin feature of this client management system. Create unlimited admin IDs depending on your business requirement and grant them access.


CMS Package Includes

Customer Management software package includes software application and database file you need to run the software. Other than these two there are support documents and installation manuals. Check the list below for more information.

1Cloud based CMS software
2Database MSSQL database backup
3Training Manual / Document / Video Tutorial


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