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RWA society management software, Society accounting software or society maintenance software is a complete package for society management. You can use this housing society software as an RWA manager software application because of its long list of features. Because of the long list of features RWA management becomes easy and convenient.

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Every small or large society these days needs to create an RWA or resident welfare association. In many cases builders fail to maintain the society. As a result, residents who come forward and take responsibility for maintaining the society. All these members are working professionals. Due to this time and resources are very limited. Additionally, they also do not have experience managing resident welfare associations. Therefore, our RWA software solves the purpose. To manage the society you need a society management software. The same ways as you use sales management software for managing business. This RWA software will help you to save time and make you more efficient. The idea is to maintain the society and run common services smoothly. This software takes care of all the day to day requirements of a society.

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Why use RWA Management Software?

This RWA society management software also manages resident data of housing societies. You can manage society transactions, use it as payment collection software or use it to create invoices free of cost as it comes loaded with billing software features as well. Other than managing daily expenses, it comes equipped with a visitor tracking system for society.

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Best Society Accounting Software for small and large societies

This is one of its kind unique application that solves the purpose of managing day to day transactions of a resident welfare organization. Due to this, you can easily manage a lot of things using this application. Society accounting software or RWA manager provides a complete solution to manage resident database and maintenance collection.

Check the feature list below for better understanding. There is also a list of frequent questions that people ask about this application.

Resident Benefits

There are many benefits of using Society Management Software. This resident welfare association software also comes with resident specific features. Some of them include login id for resident and automated invoice.

Resident login
You can use resident login to view personal information and maintenance. Due to this all residents are aware of their pending dues.
Maintenance Info
Residents can check the details of their pending and paid maintenance. Due to this residents are always aware about the liabilities towards the RWA.
Invoice generator
Invoice generator is available for residents due to this RWA can save paper cost.
Support Ticket System
Support ticket system is also a noteworthy feature for residents. Writing all complaints on paper is not possible all the time. Due to this residents can create support tickets and get responses. This also helps in keeping a track of resident issues.

RWA Related Features & Benefits

Our society management software also comes with RWA specific features. There are many RWA specific features because we believe in making RWA more efficient. These are some techniques to save time and resources. As a result you will also save money for other important things.

Resident Database
It is important to create a resident database. There are many issues where you need resident information to help you track people. For example, there is an issue with parking between a tenant and a visitor. You need a contact number to pass on the information. Resident database management also helps in contacting people during events.
Accounting Software
It comes with accounting software for society to manage transactions in ledger format.
Society Maintenance Software
Use this as society maintenance software or society maintenance application because it gives you all pending maintenance information.
Income Tracker
Tracking the flow of money is important for managing day to day transactions. Therefore we have a dedicated income tracker in this rwa software. Income tracker allows creating income reports for any financial year in clicks.

Safety related features of Society Management Software

Safety related features ensure that you have details of every possible thing. When you use this society management software, you also get access to all important databases. This will increase security inside the premises.

Parking Management
Every residential complex or society has vehicle parking. Therefore, the RWA also needs to solve parking issues. Parking management software maintains the vehicle database of society. Due to this it is easy to track society vehicle parking status.
Visitor Tracking Software
Online visitor tracking software maintains records of visitors entering society. Because of this you can maintain better security.


increase efficiency

Increase efficiency using RWA Software

Most people managing a society are working professionals. Due to this, they have very limited time. This society management software has reports available in clicks. Additionally, the quick finder or search tool helps you sort data between two dates.

Export Data in Excel
This residents welfare association software application also comes with a data export feature. Due to this RWA can export data in excel from time to time. As a result you are always updated with the latest information.
Remote login software
Remote login software allows anywhere and anytime login especially when you are on holidays.
Accounting Ledger
You can also use the accounting ledger feature to know about credit and debit transitions. Due to this it is easy to make a financial report at the end of year. A ledger also tells you about the current financial situation in the society.
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Housing Society Software Package Includes

The society management software price covers the cost of software and installation guide. The installation guide will help you easily set up. Additionally, you always have an option to use managed services to enjoy complete peace of mind.

1Software Cloud based RWA software
2Database MSSQL database backup
3Training Manual / Document / Video Tutorial


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