Shipping & Delivery Policy

If you are placing an order on this mostly means that the product you order is a digital solution. This may be in the form of a digital product or software as service. Due to this the delivery model does not work like traditional products purchased from an ecommerce platform. Moreover you can buy an ecommerce website development plan from this website.

Types of products & services

We deliver a list of products and services but to make it easy we have categorized them in these titles.


These are mostly in-house developed software applications that solve a specific purpose. For example: we have a software for sales teams that solves some major problems of sales teams. There is software for accounting and billing and many more.

Website Development

We also provide website development for start up and established companies both. Depending on the kind of solution you need, you can place the order.


Other than standard applications we also provide some document bundles to manage business. These are also our in-house solutions to make sure business can use the right communication methods.

Creative Services

These services cover case studies, company profile template, logo development etc.

Delivery Time

In most products or services available on the website delivery time is mentioned. For example: if you are ordering a website delivery service, the delivery time may be between 5 – 30 days depending on the plan you select. On the other hand if you buy a software application we deliver this in 24 business hours. In some cases the delivery happens in less than 10 minutes. This happens in case of downloadable products where you get a link to download the software application.

You must read the individual product description for the exact delivery time and mode of delivery for more information. For other policies you can read our terms of service section.

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