Small Business Sales Management Software

Use sales and marketing software for small businesses to organize sales teams. Some of the cool features of this sales management system are these.

Sales Dashboard
Works on Mobile
Contact management
Communication Tracker
Follow up & Meeting Planner
Automate Leads Distribution
Lead Control
Quick Leads Transfer
Performance Tracker
Grow Business Faster
Sales Reports & More
Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Every business has a sales team due to which a sales team software is necessary. Our software for sales management will help you track sales team performance and increase business efficiency. Not only this, but it will also work as a customer relationship management tool with a regular follow up tracking system.

Sales is the most important part of any business because it is essential to ensure existence. Without sales you can just burn money in product processes and salaries. Therefore, you need software for sales management that can help you monitor this part of business. Using small business sales management software can also improve team productivity because you can track performance. In addition, sales automation or sales performance tracking can also help work better on sales metrics.

If making a successful sales team is your priority our software for sales team management is an amazing tool. In addition if you love simple yet effective sales CRM, nothing beats this one.

Check out our sales software demo by clicking on the link below.

Software Demo


Small Business Sales Management Software Features

First of all, the software focuses on solving problems related to sales. Due to this all the features you will get are purpose built. In short the sales software is equipped with techniques to increase sales. The idea is to use modern technology to increase sales online and offline. Our sales management software also helps you define sales KPI and measure them. Check out these amazing features and benefits.

Sales Dashboard
Sales performance metrics are important for continuous growth. Therefore, you get a sales dashboard for the quick glimpse or a simple sales analytics report every time you login to the system. In addition, it helps you in sales process optimization. When you know the numbers, you can make strategies.
Mobile Sales Software
The sales software uses a responsive template design. Due to this, the business sales management software works fine on different screens. If you have a phone, it works as a mobile sales software. If run on a laptop or a tablet screen then also all features of this sales management software work seamlessly.

This Software for Sales Teams is Problem solver

There are many challenges of managing a sales team. Due to this executives and managers are always in stress. Some of these issues are big but have a simple solution. We listed some of the critical issues, analyzed the situations with personal experiences and the software team software solves them now.

Why do you need a Sales Tracking Software

It is not about what features a software offers. It is about what solution it brings for your team.

ProblemTraditional MethodSales Software
Executives feel the managers are biased in distributing leadsNo SolutionSolved
Performance tracking is time consumingTakes TimeSolved
Executives miss out on follow up with potential customersTracking is ToughSolved
All executives do not have enough skills to create proposalsNo SolutionSolved
Many executives use company leads after the exit from the companyNo SolutionSolved

Grow by keeping total control on the business

Organizing sales is the key to growth. Due to this, one good sales software can help organize your growth with amazing techniques to manage sales. The software also gives you total control over what happens with the lead database. Additionally, you can also control the rights of every individual using access control.

Leads Database Software
This works as the best leads database software or contact management for you. Managing sales becomes very easy because you store everything in one application. There is no limit on how many contacts or leads you can save irrespective of the plan you selected for the company.


Track Return on Investment
Return on investment defines how long you will stay in business. If you do not make enough business from investment in marketing that means you are investing at the wrong source. Due to this, we added a tool to track return on investment. You get best results from marketing due to ROI tracker because it gives actual figures about marketing tools generating more revenue.
Lead Distribution Software
Lead distribution is one of the major issues in companies. The idea is to ensure fair lead distribution among the sales team members. This application also works as a lead distribution software. Our sales management software helps you automate the lead distribution process. Due to this, you can increase transparency in business.
Performance Management
Software comes with a built in employee performance management system. You can use the most important pre-defined performance parameters of sales to track performance of sales executives. You can modify the numbers in the performance trackers as per your business requirement..
Lead Source Management
Lead source management manages potential sources of leads. Source information is later used to track from where we are getting maximum leads and conversions.
Sales Communication Tracker
While doing follow up, you also make notes about the communication. These notes help you recall the last discussion with the prospect or a potential buyer. As a result, you make no mistakes or stay away from unwanted allegations. Even if you are new to the case, you know the entire communication log available for reference.
Small Business Marketing Software
You can use this software as a small business marketing software. There is an option to send proposals via email. All you need to do is add the SMTP credentials of the email and start using this feature. You can create and upload proposals in advance and as soon as your customers send a request for proposal, you can share the PDF document.
Lead Control
When you are heading a sales department, lead quota management is crucial. You can do a global setting to keep control of the maximum leads per account. You can use lead control to limit the maximum leads per day. Due to this, no user will be able to grab more than the specified number of leads, irrespective of how many leads are in the basket.
Sales Follow Up Software
If you miss on regular follow up, you will miss on sales. Therefore, our solution works as a sales follow up software, or meeting tracker software ensures you are connected with customers. Due to this you get more deals. The idea is to make sure you do not miss any of your important follow ups.
Lead Transfer System
Lead transfer system allows executives to transfer leads from one executive to another. Using this Quick Leads Transfer feature, you can move any number of leads to any sales executive instantly. This is one of the most usable features of sales software in case of a termination.
Sales & Revenue Report
Sales reporting is important for business. Therefore, with this software application you can create a sales report in minutes. Depending on your sales performance metrics you can calculate growth. As a result you appreciate the team for their efforts or arrange sales training if required.
User Access Control
Our sales team management software comes with an inbuilt user control system. You can suspend a user or delete the profiles in a few clicks. In addition, it is very easy to manage user rights in the system. You can also remove the access anytime depending on business requirements.
Profile Control
You can create profiles based on your department structure. For example: you have a sales executive, team leader and a sales manager profile. It is easy to assign rights directly to these profiles. Whenever a new user joins, access control will be applied as per the profile.
One Click Delete
To give you additional control over the software you can delete all data in a single click. For example, if you wish to delete all the leads, you do not have to do it one by one. You can clear them off instantly and start fresh.
Organization View
Organization view allows users to check the team structure in a Tree Format. The organization charge is good when your organization grows.

Sales Management Software (Convenience Features)

The ultimate goal of using technology is to make life easy. When it comes to business, it helps us grow faster. Every business wants to increase sales and overall profit. Due to this, software applications should be easy to use and convenient. Therefore, our sales management software comes with features that make life easy for sales managers.

Remote Sales Manager
You can hire executives because of the remote sales manager feature. This software works across the globe irrespective of country.
Bulk Import
This sales software allows bulk import. Therefore you save lot of time involved in manual entries.

Benefits of small business sales management software

Our sales management software comes with a long list of features and benefits. The idea is to solve sales related issues and improve performance.

Keep track of leads

Sales software ensures timely follow up and meetings. As a result you do not miss on potential customers.

Aware of performance

Being aware is the first step towards excellence. You can track sales team performance anytime. As a result it is easy to make strategic decisions.

Transparency drives motivation

Sales software creates an unbiased environment due to which your team stays motivated. Ley the employees believe their managers are transparent in allocating work. This drives motivation to work more and stay longer with the organization.

Stay Updated

Sales software has a dedicated section for keeping follow up and meeting records. Due to this, you can always check your upcoming calls and meetings. Timely follow up is also the key to closing a lead on a positive note.

Reduce chances of error

Managing leads manually may increase chances of error. The software keeps track of all entries for you. It provides accurate business information which is also a noteworthy feature.

Mobile Control

The sales software also works perfectly fine on mobile phones. Therefore you can easily use this as a mobile sales software due to responsive design. Additionally, this also gives the option to operate from anywhere.

Business Reports

Creating business reports is important to understand the current business scenario. You can generate business reports in a few clicks.

Work in any Time Zone

Our sales management app or software is a cloud based application. Therefore you can use this 24 HRS a day globally.

Why is this one of the best small business sales software?

This is one of the best small business sales management software. You can also call it a lead management system to manage sales teams. Our online sales software is a complete solution or software to manage sales leads and track sales performance. If you want to increase sales effectiveness of a company then first of all you must organize the team. Because an organized sales team is the most important sales management technique for increasing revenue. Due to sales management software applications you get some of the best sales tracking tools.

Software Demo


Frequently Asked Question?

What is the difference between annual plan and lifetime license?

We offer two different types of plans for this sales software. The primary difference is the hosting location and after sales support. Check out the details below.

Annual Plan

This is a subscription based plan. We take care of all the technical requirements and host the software on our server. You access the application using – (your business domain). We also provide technical support and you renew the services every year.

Lifetime License

In this case you buy software once and do not need to pay annual renewal charges for the sales automation software. If you have basic technical skills, you can save money because the technical support is available for a limited time.

For more details you can read the article on lifetime vs managed license.

How to activate the software?

Depending on the type of (annual or lifetime license) purchase you want to activate sales team management software.

Annual (Managed) Services

In this case, you just need to add an A-Record using the domain or hosting panel. You can read our article on how to add an A Record to know more. You get access to (your business domain)

Lifetime License

In this case, you can create a subdomain on your existing windows hosting plan. You can also buy a Top-Level Domain for this purpose. There is a simple three step process to complete the activation.

1 – Upload the software
2 – Restore MSSQL database
3 – Change the connection string

You can watch our software activation video for more information.

Who will install software in case of lifetime license?
One time initial installation service comes at no additional cost as part of the lifetime package. All you need is a windows based hosting space or server that meets minimum requirements to run a windows application. We will take care of the rest of the installation. To make the process smooth at times we also guide your hosting team about the requirements. We take care of the installation and you start using it from then onwards.
What is the delivery time and how much time will it take to activate the software?
There are two different methods available to deliver & activate the sales team software.

If you purchase a lifetime license the delivery happens very fast. We send the download link immediately after the order & payment linked with this is confirmed. You can download the software and upload it on your windows hosting space.

If you purchase a subscription, we ask you to add an A Record which may take 1 – 3 business days to update. During that time, we make the software ready and share the credentials to your registered email account.

Can I upgrade sales software to a higher plan?
Yes, it is possible to upgrade to a higher plan if you are in a subscription based model. Send an email from your registered email Id, pay the required fee (if applicable) and we will do the needful.

If you purchase a Lifetime License for the software, you do not need an upgrade. It is because there is no restriction from our end on the way you want to use it.

What do I get with a lifetime license?
First of all, when you purchase a lifetime license for the sales software, you get a confirmation email from us as soon as you make the payment. In addition the sales software bundle contains the following items. folder with pre-activated software
2MSSQL database backup with dummy data
3Training Manual – A notepad file (software_guide.txt) file with step by step information about uploading the software.
Do I need to buy any server to run this application?
If you buy any of our subscription plans, there is no need to spend on any server or software. We already have resources available that come as standard.

In case of a Lifetime License, you need to buy a Windows based website hosting to run the application. You can also purchase Windows Hosting Plan from us. If you already have a website running on Windows, you can use the same space by adding a subdomain.



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