Performance Management System

Growth is important for every business because that keeps you competitive. For continuous growth, your employees must perform better and improvise them. Due to this, we have a system to track employee performance. Our sales team software is equipped with a dedicated metric that works as your own performance management system. If you can track performance, you can find possibilities of potential change and motivate employees. Motivation is also one the key ingredients in growth.

How employee performance tracker works

We analyzed different parameters of performance in a sales team. Out of all the factors, we consider 4 most important parameters. These are also the key performance metrics in our software. These are Total calls, meetings, closures and amount. You add all these parameters and the software keeps track of all these. At the end of month you can pull a report about the same.

Employee performance management system

In most sales team there are some standard procedures for tracking sales performance. Use sales team scorecard to add individual target information. After some time you can also use this to match target with real time performance. Check out the steps below to understand how scorecard works.

Open “Manage Targets” section to create sales team scorecard. Just select executive and from the list to initiate the process. Enter parameters for the month selected. You must use target and weightage (total weightage should be less than 100) for executive and all values should be in numbers only.

Click on “Save” button.

You can also delete scorecard by selecting executive and target month.

Select executive name and month from the list and click on “Performance” to view scorecard.

If required, you can check sales performance graph for more details about the team.

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