Difference between Subscription and Lifetime License

The software industry is slowly moving towards the subscription model. Few years ago the situation was different where we were familiar with one time purchase. Both have their own advantages depending on what you need. At software ocean you still get both options to choose from. In this article we will help you understand the difference between subscription and lifetime license. You may read the subscription as a managed plan in the product description. Because we also have technical support and some other benefits so we use the term Managed.

Difference between Subscription and Lifetime License

We offer two different types of plans for most applications via our website to buy software applications. There are many applications and with most of them you get both choices. Let us go feature by feature and compare subscription vs lifetime license.


Subscription is on a rise today and for positive reasons. Here is a list of points that make subscription meaningful and unique.

  • First of all in the subscription based model, you do not buy a product you use this as a service.
  • The company takes care of all the technical requirements and host the software on our server
  • In this case, you just need to add an A-Record using the domain or hosting panel. You can read our article on how to add an A Record to know more. You get access to isales.domainname.com (your business domain)
  • Software Ocean will also take care of the installation or re-installations whenever needed.


  • One of the key difference between subscription and lifetime license is the ownership. In this case you buy software once and do not need to pay annual renewal charges. For example, you buy sales automation software with a lifetime license.
  • There are no limits on how many contacts you can store or for how long you want to use it. You are free to use your sales CRM on your existing server until the resources limit.
  • In this case, you can create a subdomain on your existing windows hosting plan. You can also buy a Top-Level Domain for this purpose. There is a simple three step process to complete the activation.
  • We provide one time free installation or guidance. If you need further assistance, you can use the tutorial or use paid installation service.
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