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When you are in business, it is important to create a good website. Most customers visit the site before starting formal communication. Due to this, you should buy our corporate website development package. This is a premium website development package for small business.

Domain (On demand)
Hosting Included
Business Emails
Responsive Design
Mobile & Tablet Compatible
Multiple Pages
Business Specific Design
Content Writing/Editing (Profile)
SSL Certificate (Secure)
Google Listing
Technical Support
Social Media Connect
Sitemap Submission
Fast Delivery
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This corporate website development is a premium web design package for companies. It comes with a responsive website theme. Due to this your website works perfectly as a mobile website. This is a cost effective website development package with a long list of benefits. From domain booking, hosting services and website development but it has everything.

Domain & Server

When you are running a medium or large size company, it is important that your domain name resembles your brand and website loading speed is good. Therefore, we make sure important things for a website are covered in our corporate web design package. Starting from the basics, these are three most important things that come as standard. Domain registration, Web hosting and business email. You do not pay anything extra for any of these.

Domain Registration
If you already have a domain name, we can use this to make a website on the existing domain. In case you are just starting a business and need a website on a low budget, you can look at our start up website design package. We understand that the most important part of any business is the brand name. Due to this, we provide a list of options to choose from depending on domain availability check. We keep in mind that the suggested names and extensions match your brand name. If you already have a domain we can use this for hosting the website.
Hosting Services (Server)
We provide hosting space with all our website design proposals and this one is no different. The web space is sufficient for hosting the website and we increase it depending on the future requirements. The idea is to make sure the server is capable of handling traffic with good website speed. In case you need more space or an upgrade, the option is always available.
Business Email
We provide two business emails as value added services. Due to this you can send emails from a corporate ID. For example: name@yourdomain.com. This not only looks professional but also makes more sense to the business.

mobile friendly website

Corporate Website Development – User Interface

An easy to use website design attracts more visitors. Therefore, we design a user-friendly interface for the website. This also uses responsive design based themes. Due to this it works perfectly on all different screen sizes. This includes mobile phones, tablet computers and laptops of different sizes. As a result the client experience is better and convenience increases.

Responsive Design
If the front-end development is poor, user experience will also be poor. Therefore, we use the latest responsive website development technique for all our websites. Due to this, the website adjusts itself with the device screen. For example: you may be using a 10 inch laptop or a 21 inch desktop, your website should work fine on both of them.
Mobile and Tablet Compatible
In this modern era people use mobile more than desktops or laptops. Due to this, your customer base is also available on mobile devices. Therefore, we also believe in the Mobile-first design methodology. As a result, we make sure your customers open your website, it should be a perfect one. A mobile ready responsive website works well on mobile phones of different screen sizes.
Multiple Pages
This corporate website development proposal promises at least 15 pages depending on the business requirement. Due to this, most of the important information like company profile, vision, management, team details etc. gets a dedicated space.
Business Specific Design
This corporate website development package delivers a business specific website. We also analyze the competition in detail before creating the basic website design and releasing the first draft. For example: if you are in a groceries business, we make a website with similar images and text content. The idea is to build a website that is appealing to your customers.

Content & Security

Search engines these days pay great attention to the content quality. Therefore, we have this website development package that covers content security features.

Content Writing/Editing (Profile)
Every company has a profile to share with potential customers. All you need is to share that with us. We will make it usable for the website under our content writing services at no additional cost. As a result, you get help in local SEO for websites because meaningful content also attracts visitors in search results. This is generally for the about us page on the website.
SSL Certificate (Secure)
Installing SSL certificates is very important for website security. Most companies mark the website as “Not Secure” if your website does not have an SSL certificate. With most of our hosting plans we offer a free ssl certificate as standard. As a result, you do not pay anything extra for this product.

Digital Footprint

This website will be your digital footprint in the world of the internet. People across the world check the website of a company before signing a deal. Due to this, you must take steps like listing websites in Google, and creating social media profiles. This website development package already has this covered. All you need to do is to share the information we need.

Google Listing
A part of the web development best practices we list every new website in Google by default. The idea is to make sure that the search engine knows that your website exists on the internet. In addition, if your website offers something unique, it may come in search results faster due to this proactive step. Even if you do not offer unique products or services, it is good to list a website in Google.
Social Media Connect
Everyone is on social media today. A YouTube channel or a Facebook page helps you reach more people and connect with them. Due to this, we recommend that you create a social media profile on different platforms and share the links with us. We will connect these with your website to make sure people can directly reach your social media handles from the website.

Website Development Package – Value Added Features

Most companies do not offer these features in low cost website development plans. Many software developers demand more money for adding small features. But when you are with Software Ocean there is no need to worry because we believe in complete transparency. First of all, we have open pricing and secondly all the plans on this website are well researched. Therefore, whether you want an ecommerce website or a website for start up, you get a fully featured website. Especially with this corporate website plan, we have added some value added features so you enjoy a hassle free digital journey.

Inquiry Form
For a corporate website customer inquiry form for lead generation online is important. Normally, website visitors do not call immediately. Therefore, a lead generation form on the website is a must. Basic website development, small business web design, corporate website or an ecommerce website development, lead generation form works great.

In the case of an ecommerce web design you can also use this to generate bulk order inquiries.

Multiple Revisions
We understand that it is not possible for the client to provide all the information at once. Therefore, this corporate website development comes with multiple revisions. You can request up to five revisions to make sure everything is covered. In addition, after the closure also we consider 1-2 revisions to ensure it is the best website development proposal for any corporate. Clients can share all the changes in written format via email to avoid any communication gap between client and the development team.

Delivery & After Sales Service

We have been in the business of Software Development since 2011. Due to this long experience, we create our products in such a way that they are flawless. Above all, if there is any issue, we are available for any kind of assistance.

Fast Delivery
The website delivery time varies depending on the website development plan you buy. We try to make sure every project is on time. However, client participation in providing information on time is mandatory to fulfill this commitment. If the information is on time, website delivery is faster than expected.
Technical Support
You may be a technical person and know about the web development tools it is good to have experts available for the rescue. Our technical support services cover a lot of stuff that you may need. For example: we keep the website up to date in order to ensure web security, faster web accessibility and improve performance.

Website Development Process

The website development process at software ocean is very simple. We complete this in for different steps including these

order a website

domain registration

website design process, corporate website development

customer feedback

upload a website, website design process, corporate website development

For more details, you can read our detailed article on website development process under web design category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of common questions that may come to your mind while purchasing a website development plan.

Basic Questions about Corporate web Development

What is the key difference in plans?
The only difference is the number of pages. Apart from this, you get all the features mentioned as standard inclusion. From business specific design to SSL certificate, everything is included in all the plans.
Who will make the website after placing the order?
Our team will make a website for you. However, we ask you for basic information like the nature of business, products and services. In addition we also ask you about product / services related images to make sure we are using original content.

Web Design & User Interface

What does business specific website design mean?
The idea of business specific website design ensures that we develop a website that resembles your business. For example: if the client is in the construction business, we use similar images for making a website for a construction company.
What services are included in renewal and how much do I need to pay?
All services purchased at the time of purchase are renewed every year. All the plans are subscription based. Due to this, the cost of website renewal is the same as purchase price. The price may change depending on the current market conditions. Generally, the prices do not change drastically.

Security, Technical Support & After Sales Service

What is included in Technical support?
Technical support includes different types of changes you request during the service period. We also review the website from time to time to make sure everything is running smoothly. In addition, we keep a backup of the website in case of an unfortunate event like a website crash due to any hacking attack.
Can my website be hacked?
Yes, any website can be hacked. Therefore, we take all precautionary measures from installing anti-virus software to high security servers to make sure it is not hacked. We provide SSL certificates as part of the package and update the software applications whenever the security patch is released. In the worst case scenario we keep back to make sure services can be restored as soon as possible. As a result you are covered and secured.

Ownership & Transfer of Service

Can I use my existing domain for the website?
Sure, you can use your existing domain for the website. All you need to do is update name servers or Add A record in the domain panel to point that to the website. Just make sure that the domain is active and you renew it on time.
Who owns the domain & hosting name?
The client owns the domain name & hosting both. We do not add our credentials in the domain name registration process as a standard practice. If the client already has a domain name, we only request access to change name servers to link it with the website.
What is Domain on demand?
In case of a startup website design plan, we book a new domain because they are new to business. But in the case of existing companies in many cases it is a website redevelopment job. Therefore, you may or may not need a domain. Due to this we have mentioned this as Domain (On demand). If you need one, we have the option available at no additional cost.
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