Technical Support – A Guide to understand After Sales

Technical support is an important aspect of website design services. Information is kept on updating and the internet is full of surprises. Due to this, you need technical support experts available for the rescue. Whether you are making a basic website or looking for an ecommerce website development plan, support is very important.

Technical Support – What all comes as standard

Check out the list of services that come as standard with our technical support services.

Changes in the website

We understand that it takes time to grow business. The story is also similar in case of website development. When you initially make a website, you as a business owner may not have the entire plan. Therefore, as soon as new information comes up we are ready to publish that information on the website. Starting from small information like updating contact numbers and emails to the products and services information change, we do it for you.

Technical support for Software updates

In the software industry, updates keep coming. Due to this, your website should also be updated. We keep on reviewing this information and take care of all the important updates that are necessary to run your website faster and smoothly.

Website backup

We keep website backup secure with us to make sure your website can be restored in case of a crash or hacking attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the questions that people generally ask about the after sales service or technical support.

How many times and what sections can I request any change in the website?

The information keeps on changing. Therefore, whenever you believe there is something that you want to change, you can connect with us. Apart from the overall structure of the website, you can ask the team to change images, product or service information, contact details, logo etc. you can also send us company profile related changes if this happens.

What does not change?

The domain name cannot be changed as part of the support. However, you have an option to transfer the website to a new domain by paying one time charges.

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