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Sales is the most important part of any business. Therefore, you must create sales report of every product in the portfolio. It is important because without a sales report you cannot take strategic decisions. If you know how to keep track of sales, you can plan on things to improve. We understand this very well from experience. Due to this, our sales automation software allows you to make sales reports of all products in a single report format.. The idea is to track business status in an easy way. You can also pull a sales report between two dates. Sales report contains item wise invoice report that displays list of products and their quantities sold during selected range.
This Sales report also gives an overview of sales about products selling more and products with low sales. This information can help in making a sales strategy.

Creating Sales Report step by step

Creating a sales report is so easy that you can generate it in a few clicks. Simply follow the steps below to make a sales report.

Step 1:

First of all, if you have access to the report, you will see the “Sales Report” link in the menu. To create sales report, the first step is to click on “Sales Report” from the left menu. This will open another page with heading sales report.

Step 2:

You get an option to select the dates. From the date dropdown calendar, select date range (from and to date for the report purpose)

Step 3:

Now it is time to click on the “Search” button to generate a sales report. Change the total number of records on the current page if needed. Default value is 15 and you can change based on your requirement.

If you face any issue, you can watch our video tutorial on making a sales report using sales team software.

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