Cloud Based Software & Benefits of using them

Computer is no longer a new word because every household now has one. Either a desktop, laptop or a tablet computer. Not just that, these days most people carry smartphones around. Due to this, people find cloud based software applications are easy to access. Cloud computing allows us to use resources that we need easily without paying a lot of money. At Software Ocean we make software applications that make your life even easier. Let us understand this with a simple example. You have a sales team that uses registers to maintain data linked with new leads or upcoming business. This data has potential to bring business and keep the company running. In the same scenario you also have unlimited possibilities of you losing this previous data. Therefore it is possible to keep the data in digital form. Because you can create copies of data and keep it safe in a small pen drive.

In our case we keep this data in a sales team software. The software application works on a server located in a safe place like a datacenter. This is just one. There are many benefits of using cloud based software applications. Let us look at them one by one.

Data Security

Let us start with the example above. A desktop based application has possible threats of system crash. But system crashes are rare at data center level . There is enough security to protect your files from the external attacks, power failures and many other possible situations.


Cloud based software works on the internet. Therefore you can use them conveniently from any computer with internet connection. These business software applications provide flexibility of location and working hours. For example: if you want to make an ecommerce website, due to the internet, you can access it from anywhere round the clock.

Performance of Internet based Software

The servers are connected to the high speed internet connections. As a result, no matter where you are, the speed of software is good if you have a fast connection on your device. You may be using software to manage society or an accounting software, the applications run smoothly on a cloud server.

No Time Zone restriction applies for a cloud based software

First of all, you can work in any time zone and secondly you can access the software from any location. As an added benefit, cloud software works 24 hours a day because the data centers also work round the clock.

Pre-Installed Software

You do not need to install software applications like windows, database software etc. In most cases, servers come with pre-installed software applications. Due to this, using Internet based Software is easy. If only you need to worry about this when buying a lifetime license for a software from our store. In this case also there we have guidelines to help you complete software activation.

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