Create a Revenue Report

Business runs on money and it is very important for the survival of business. Therefore, it is important to create a revenue report or invoice report on a regular basis. If you do not know the definition of revenue, it is the amount of sales before any kind of tax deductions or expenses. In other words, whatever the amount you receive in payments is your revenue. Rest everything comes later. You can make a revenue report or invoice report at month end or year-end depending on business requirement.

If you are using our billing software, you can make this report between two dates. You will need this at the end of year but you can make it whenever you want. Especially when you want to know the overall business status. Creating a revenue report also allows you to see all invoices created along with the total amount billed for every invoice on individual bases. Invoice report also helps you help you take strategic decisions for the business.

How to create a revenue report or income report

Business revenue report is an integral part of accounting software or billing software. You need to follow the mentioned steps to generate an income report for business.

Step 1

Click on Invoice Report link available on left hand side

Step 2

Next step to create a revenue report is to select the dates. Use the calendar dropdown to select date range (from date and to date) from first two textboxes.

Step 3

Now click on the Fetch button and you are done. You can also export this report in excel format in case of further analysis requirements.

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