Return on Investment

Businesses survive on money and the cycle must be running all the time. Therefore, if you are running a business make sure you are investing the money at the right place. The idea is to make the most out of your investments. In technical terms we use return on investment as standard practice. Our software for sales and marketing also generates this report for you.

What is the return on Investment?

Return on investment is the most important milestone for any business. Every business must know about revenue against investment made in sales and marketing. Therefore ROI tracker is an important aspect and using software to track return on investment is a good idea. ROI also talks about business profitability and sales effectiveness. Most businesses keep on investing in marketing techniques and there is no investment tracker available to check results. Due to this they lose a lot of money. To tackle this issue, we integrated this feature in the sales software itself. Our return on investment tracker gives clear information on which marketing source generates revenue for the business.

Use this as an ROI Tracking software

As an ROI Tracking software this has a simple process. You can also make a revenue report using the software application. It gives a clear insight about what all sources attracted how much sales for the business. As a result of this return on investment report, you can clearly decide where to invest money. In the long run, it will also help you make strategic decisions.

Use the steps below to generate an ROI report.

Step 1:

First of all click on ROI Tracker link available in menu (subject to access approval by management)

Step 2:

Select date range (from and to dates) to track return on investment between two selected dates

Step 3:

Click on the “Extract” button to generate a Return on Investment report.

Soon you will be able to see how much money got invested for each source of marketing and how much business, leads and follow up we have in the pipeline. This ROI Tracking system is a useful tool to increase sales by investing in the right sources of marketing.

For more information on ROI tracker check free sales software demo available.

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