Transfer Leads among Executives – Use the Inbuilt Lead Transfer System

Lead transfer system allows admin to switch lead from one executive to another. Lead transfer function is an important aspect because it saves potential customer databases from misuse. You can also manage transfer leads permission using access control. The sales management software allows you to move leads among executives. It is very useful in case of employee terminations. Due to this there is no threat of losing potential clients. We can transfer leads to sales executives using this section other than resigned or absconded executives. As a result we can do all important follow ups.

What is leads transfer system

A leads transfer system or a contact transfer system is a tool that helps you save fraud. It also ensures that all the potential leads remain safe with the organization. Let us understand this with an example: You hire a sales executive to generate leads online. The executive is working fine until one day there is a conflict of interest with the supervisor. Which is also one of the primary reasons for resignation in an organization. There is a possibility that an employee can delete the leads at the time of exit or tries to access the database after the exit interview. A lead transfer software or system helps you avoid this. Our sales software comes with an inbuilt solution for this problem. You can simply transfer all leads to another executive in a few clicks.

Using a lead transfer system can also reduce risk of losing business when an executive is not performing as expected. All the leads in this case can be transferred to a new executive with the click of a button.

In what situations it is useful

Businesses face a common issue of missing leads or unfollowed leads. In addition, many companies use traditional methods of managing a sales team. This includes managing sales data in registers or excel. As a result, your employees have access to the data, even if they leave the organization. On the other hand, if you are using sales and marketing software for small businesses you can avoid this situation.

First of all, you can do it in case of an employee termination (example above).

Use in case of poor performance of follow up delay. You can improve follow up quality by transferring the leads to good performing employees.

In case of resignations, you can use this as a regular work handover practice to the new executive.

Cross follow ups are also possible due to a leads transfer system. Since the process is quick, you can switch among executives just to check who can close the call early. As a result you can expect more business for the company.

How lead transfer system works

How to use it completely depends on the real time requirements. Lead transfer system is simple to use. You can either transfer one lead or transfer multiple leads to another executive. Due to this it becomes an effective automatic lead transfer system. You can transfer leads to executives of your choice or send them to common lead baskets for random automatic lead distribution. From the “Lead Basket” of our software for sales executives can book directly.

Step 1

First of all click on the “Move /Transfer” leads link from the menu. This will open the leads transfer page for you.

Step 2

This page will allow you to use one of the two options. As the first option, you can transfer leads to your own account using the Self Account option. The next choice is selecting the employee name from the drop down list. Select the Team option and user name as the next step. You can also sort based on status like Follow Up, Meeting etc. This is helpful when the executives have dedicated tasks. For example: one person only does business meetings so you can transfer all leads with the “Meeting” status to this executive. The lead transfer system then gives you an option to save the changes.

Step 3

Select Basket if you wish to send all leads to common basket and executive name if you wish to transfer them to team members.

Select all required leads that you want to transfer or select all depending on your current business requirement.

Step 4

Click on the Move button to complete the process.

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