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The world today is connected and this also reflects in the way people build houses. The modern ear is of group housing due to which many people share common resources. As a result it is possible to experience various issues in housing society. Therefore, we suggest using a society management system or a software to manage housing society. This will not only help you solve the issues but also help you organize the database. In this article we have tried to answer some RWA software FAQ (frequently asked questions) to explain how this software application can help.

RWA Software FAQ

Here is a list of RWA software FAQ people have in mind.

How does society software work?

The society software works the same as any other application that solves purpose. For example: you buy software to manage a sales team that manages the potential customer database. RWA management software helps you with your resident database.

How is it cheaper than using traditional ways of managing a society?

Earlier people used to do a lot of paperwork to manage residents in a society. Any type of manual work demands hard work. Above all there is the cost of paper and other stationary items. When you start using software applications, there is no need to do manual work other than making regular entries. The software takes care of calculations and various other important tasks. As a result for sure it is much cheaper than using traditional ways of managing a society.

What are the common issues in housing society?

This is an important RWA software FAQ because providing the solution is the primary objective of the application. There are many issues in housing society. Some of them are listed below.

  • First of all, there are maintenance related issues
  • Parking related issues (For example: who has a covered or an open parking)
  • Support related issue
  • Residents want to get latest contact number of the management
  • Maintenance payment receipt

Can residents also login in the software is also an important RWA software FAQ.

Yes, every resident gets a login id and password to access the software. They have a profile in the system. From here they can see their pending maintenance, management related information and raise tickets.

These are only limited questions related to society software. If you also have anything in mind, connect with us so we can answer if for you.

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