Manage Company Details in Sales Software

Our software for sales teams allows you to manage company details. This means you can change company details from the original values. Employees of your organization also get access to the personal information edit section. In a normal scenario, company details are associated with general company information such as list of branches, head offices address, phone number and email ids. Company detail is available with all users in the system. For example if a customer over the phone asks for a specific company branch phone number. Executives can find this information here and share with customers.

How to manage company details

We understand the value of branding is important for any business. Due to this, our sales software allows you to use your own logo instead of our logo in the software. You can also change company details like name, email etc. Updating the details is very easy. Therefore, you can do it in three simple steps. Use this process to update company details and save changes.

Step 1

Before you start changing company details, make sure you are an authorized person. If you do not have enough rights to the page, you cannot change anything. Therefore, in this case you should connect with your supervisor. If you have the access and rights, start the process by login to the software with admin Id or webmaster Id. Webmaster and administrator are the same in our sales application.

Step 2

Once you are logged in, click on the Company Details link from the menu. Which will take you to the edit company details section.

Step 3

Make appropriate changes and click on Save button to change company details in sales software.

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