Software Installation Process on Windows Server

The purpose of using a cloud based software application is the need to access it remotely. Therefore, to make sure that the software application is running you need a high quality server. But the type of server depends on various factors and one of them is the development platform. There are two main categories of server. One is a Windows based server and the other one is Linux based server. There are other options as well but we are talking about the most famous ones here. Each application is different and may demand any of these two types of server options. Due to this, the software installation process may be different. For example: if your application code is ASP.NET or any of the Microsoft technologies a Windows server should be your preference. On the other hand if the software uses Php for code and MYSQL database to save data then you can use either Windows or Linux based server options.

How to install software on windows server

Most of our software applications use Microsoft based technologies so the preference is Windows based server. Generally, you do not need to install system software because this is the job of a hosting provider. Most servers come preconfigured and located in a data center. We can access the server remotely. Therefore, it is easy to install software. You can simply upload the files using file manager or FTP. In case of any assistance, technicians are available at the local level also. In addition, it is easy to use software ocean products. For example, if you want software to manage a sales team it is ready to use. All you need to do is upload the files and connect with the database.

Software Installation Process On Windows Server

Before you start any of the software installation it is important to read the manual or the instructions file available with the software bundle. The instructions may be different for different software applications. Once you complete the reading, you can use this article as a reference document to activate software on a Windows server.

Follow these steps

When you make a purchase with a lifetime license then you will get a compressed folder as download. For example: if you buy software for billing or accounting you will get a compressed folder with a similar name.

First of all unzip the compressed folder to your local system.

You will have two folders inside. One will be with the name of software purchase and other will be “Database”. As the name suggests it has a database to save your work. All you need to do is upload these files and connect with each other.

As part of the software installation process, Upload the software files to the root folder using file manager. On some servers it is the wwwroot folder.

The next step is to create a database with a meaningful name and create a user to access the database. Now restore the default database you have.

Once you complete these two steps, the last thing is to connect the database with software. For this, the main software folder will have a Web.config file. You will get the file name in the instructions file also because in some cases it is different. Find the file in the path mentioned. Change the connection string and use your server IP, database name and user login details. Save the File and your software is ready to use.

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