Admin Panel Design for eCommerce Website

Business has always been competitive but the new age technology makes us fight back. The world of the internet is full of opportunities and ecommerce website development is one step. As a business person, you must think about making an ecommerce website. If you order an ecommerce website plan from then you get a fully loaded website. We believe that every business must get an opportunity to grow and flourish. Due to this our ecommerce feature list has all the key ingredients including an admin panel. In addition, we also make sure that the ecommerce admin panel design looks simple and easy to use. However, depending on what you order you may get different user interfaces. For example: User interface for a customized ecommerce website is different from an ecommerce website using WordPress.

WordPress Admin Panel

Here is the quick view of the WordPress e-commerce website panel. There will be a dedicated panel for shop managers to control products, categories and pricing etc.

Customized eCommerce Website Admin Panel

When you order a customized ecommerce solution the admin panel is different. In most cases it is designed to meet specific requirements. You can also ask the developer to make the admin panel design exactly like the way you want. Unlike WordPress where you get a standard design of the admin panel. The only difference is the cost of ecommerce website development. In case of customized development it is always more than standard admin panel. You can also download a free admin template and start the development process.

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