Sales Team Management Tools & Techniques

An organized sales team is the key to success in business. Therefore, it is among the must-have features of a software for the sales team. Sales team management tools help in increasing sales effectiveness. Team management allows clear understanding and control over current management structure. Due to this, you can switch people from one team to another using an easy module. This tool is helpful if you wish to create a new team, transfer people from one team to another or simply add individual contributors in the sales team. You can also create role based access for the sales team.

Sales Team management tools are inbuilt in the software

The sales management software comes with an inbuilt software to manage the sales team. Using team management features is easy and effective especially, when you want to do fast executive movements within a team. It is a systematic approach towards managing sales teams. Use below mentioned steps to make changes to the team structure.

Step 1

First of all, you need to add sales executives in the system. It is important because team management is not possible without executives. There is also a dedicated employee management section available to perform this activity. Once you add a few executives or employees in the system you can start with clicking on the “Manage Team” link from the menu.

Step 2

Select team members from the first dropdown menu and then select the supervisor name. New executive will be added to the team of the selected supervisor.

Step 3

Now click on the “Save” button to complete the process. You will see a confirmation message on the screen.

Step 4

At last you will be able to see this employee in the organization tree view. Tree view and his current position will be available in the tree structure of “My Team” section. Click on My Team to view changes made.

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