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SSL certificate is a very famous term with search engines and websites. Full form of SSL is “Secure Socket Layer”. In this article we will try to answer questions you may have in mind. Starting from SSL certificate cost to SSL certificate installation we will answer each one of them. Therefore, at the end you will understand the subject better.

What is an SSL certificate?

First of all, an SSL certificate works as a digital certificate for confirming authentication of the website. This enables an encrypted connection. These certificates communicate to the client that the web service host demonstrated ownership of the domain to the certificate authority at the time of certificate issuance. Additionally, this creates a positive impression on visitors’ minds.

SSL Certificate Cost

SSL certificate cost depends on the company you are buying from. Some companies sell it with the hosting services and few servers come with pre-installed SSL certificates. Before making a purchase, discuss with the hosting provider about who will install it.

Is this mandatory for e-commerce websites?

First of all, installing an SSL certificate on an ecommerce website is not mandatory in general. Secondly, if you do not install it, most search engines will show your website as Not Secure in the browser. As a result you may lose potential clients. Country specific rules also apply to this. In many countries (take India for example) even the government websites as of 2023 are not using SSL certificates. But, if you want to start an ecommerce website it is good to use one. It does provide assurance to visitors that your website is authenticated. eCommerce websites also have payment gateway. Therefore, some payment gateway companies also recommend SSL installations. Therefore, most of our e-commerce website design packages also come with these certificates. You can also read a detailed article on the importance of SSL certificates.

SSL certificate installation

SSL certificate installation is easy but requires little technical knowledge. In many cases you also have installation wizards available inside the hosting panel. In a few you may need some technical assistance. Normally hosting companies have the expertise and resources. The SSL certificate cost also includes support charges. When you buy from a hosting company, they do it on your behalf.

What does Search Engines Show

People started noticing this after Google changed their policies. Now, they show every website with SSL as secure and the rest others as Not Secure.

How do I know if my website has SSL?

Once you decide about SSL installation, handover the job to experts. To confirm if it is installed simply open your website in Google Chrome. If the lock symbol appears on the top-left hand side, the site is secured. If not then there is an issue with installation. Contact the web solution or hosting provider. They will solve the issue because they are regularly working on these kinds of issues.

Our SSL certificate cost also covers installation and support throughout the year.

Can I install SSL certificates in regular websites?

Sure you can install SSL certificates in regular websites. You may or may not buy ecommerce website development services. It is more to do with domain and hosting. The web only wants to authenticate your domain name and server. If you make a website with us then most plans come with SSL as standard.

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