How to Recover Deleted Records

You need to recover deleted records when they are deleted by mistake or sometimes intentionally. Every lead is important and smallest of customers can become big revenue source for the company. Sometimes it is done by mistake but there are changes where executives try to delete this useful data. We have created a hidden trash (hidden because you can control access) where all deleted leads are stored until they are deleted from here. This means when an executive deletes a lead it is not deleted but stored in trash folder. Supervisors can review it and take a decision.

Recovering deleted records

You can only view trash folder if access is granted on your registered ID in the system. Recovering deleted records can be done from the same panel. Just click on Trash (trash also shows number of items) and click on restore button available on right hand side to complete the process.

You can permanently delete the record if it is not required. But be double sure before you delete any record as you cannot recover data if it is deleted from Trash folder.

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