How to Recover Deleted Records

Everyone makes mistakes and it is completely normal. But how costly the mistake is depends on the severity of the situation. In business, if you delete your leads by mistake, it is fine but if the intention is wrong, it is not good for the business. At times, it can cause disaster. Therefore, our software for sales teams allows you to recover deleted records. Let us look for the situations where this can happen and how you can prevent leads from getting deleted.

The delete Function

Every lead is important and the smallest of customers can become a big revenue source for the company. Sometimes people do it by mistake and many times, because the intention is not good. There are unhappy employees everywhere. Some of them may want to give maximum dent to the company’s image or data after they leave the organization. The situation can become critical for sales teams. The sales executives can press the delete button on important leads. As a result, you can lose potential business.

Due to this, we have a dedicated trash section to manage the situation. This Trash Bin is only available to the top executives. You can hide it from all the sales executives. This hidden Trash Bin will help you restore leads and roll back the disaster.

Recover deleted records

You can only view the Trash folder if access is granted on your registered ID in the system. Recovering deleted records can be done from the same panel. Just click on Trash (trash also shows number of items) and click on the restore button available on the right hand side to complete the process.

You can permanently delete the record if it is not required. But be double sure before you delete any record as you cannot recover data if it is deleted from the Trash folder.

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