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Sales follow up is an important part of the sales funnel. Every lead goes through it before the final outcome. Customers have freedom to accept or reject the deal but follow will surely happen. There are many ways to generate leads but every contact goes through the same process. Many companies also use offers and discounts during the client follow up process for quick closures.

How it Works in the common sales process

First of all, we receive a lead from a marketing source or reference. Companies run marketing campaigns to attract new customers. These campaigns run on various media channels including social media marketing and Google Ads. From these campaigns leads come and executives start working on them. Most of the time marketing executives note this data in notebooks. Those who use computers use excel spreadsheets. With sales software you can input all follow up data at one place and manage sales effectively.

How to do Sales follow up and close leads

We use one of the easiest sales follow up procedures to make the entire sales follow up process smooth and effective. Once you click on the “Follow up” link from the menu. As soon as you click on the link, you will get a list of customers with follow up status. Normally these are for today and future dates.

To know more about customer details click on the search icon available at the right hand side. You should now see customer contact details like customer requirement, previous calls and meeting details along with option to add new follow up details.

Just select status (follow up, postpone, won etc.) as required, date of call, date when customer wants a call back, time of call and summary of current follow up call in notes section.

Save this information.

You can also add payment details in case of “Won” status.

If you do follow up the right way then this sales team management software will help you in many ways. From meeting planner to sales performance report the feature list is very long. Request a sales software demo to look at the feature list.

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