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Making the right choice is crucial because one wrong decision can drastically change things. Therefore, if you are running a business you must keep a close watch on what you are selling. For example: your company sells 10 products. It is not possible to have same sales numbers for each product. Some of the products will have more sales than others. Due to this, your marketing budgets will also be different. This depends on what product is the most profitable for business. In this kind of situation, a revenue sales report comes into picture. You can pull an amount based sales report that can help you in many ways.

What is a revenue sales report

This report gives you product wise sales data. Whenever you want to check what product has the most sales you can pull this report. In addition when you allocate the marketing budget a revenue report can help you make that decision. You will get to know where the numbers are higher and what products are not selling. For any sales team this data is important. Due to this we have included this feature in our software for sales teams.

Benefits of making sales report

First of all, data is always useful if it makes sense. Therefore, we included this most important report in sales. If you are not aware about the individual product sales status then it is possible to make mistakes. If you are betting your money on wrong products then the probability of making losses is also high.

Why it is Important

If you are betting your money on wrong products then the probability of making losses is also high. A revenue sales report gives you accurate details about important products that should put your money on.

Steps to make a sales report

Use this step by step process to make a sales report for your business.

  • You can check product specific sales data in All leads reports.
  • First of all, you must have access to the report. In case you do not have access, connect with your supervisor and request permission.
  • Once you have access, login to your account with secure credentials.
  • Click on All Leads Report from the menu.
  • This will open another page with the title as “All Leads Report”. Select the date range for which you want data. Click on the Extract button to complete the process.
  • You can also download the report if needed.

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