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Sales team is the backbone of the business because they generate revenue for the company. Due to this, it is very important to track performance of sales executives. Our software for sales teams gives you an option to create a sales performance report. Not only this, there are many other features also to keep the sales team morale high. For example: automatic leads distribution ensures unbiased leads among sales executives. This assures employees that your bosses treat every one equal. You can track performance using multiple ways. A sales report helps you grow business and take strategic decisions.

Why Creating Sales Report is Important

If you do not create a sales report, there is no way to know about who is working best in your sales team. In addition, you will end up paying salaries which ultimately will leave you in losses. Creating sales reports is easy with our sales team management software.

How to track performance and create sales performance report

There are many ways to track the performance of a sales team. Depending on what you want to know the options are available. Let us look at them one by one.

Track company performance

First of all you can extract a revenue sales report or amount based sales report to know how the company overall. This summary gives you a broader picture about the revenue.

Use source report as sales performance report

You can make a sales report on a marketing source. For example: you can track how many leads are coming from internet marketing, Google Ads or Facebook.

Lead Status Report

You can pull reports based on lead status. This report gives you an insight of how many leads are in open status and how many are closed. You can review the requirements with postpone status and then pitch again. At times it is possible that these clients give you business. All you need is convince them that your product will be beneficial for them.

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